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75th Anniversary

2016 represented the 75th year honoring outstanding Fathers. The National event was held on June 14th at the Marriott Marquis and featured memorabilia from as early as the 1940's. Photos, program journals, tape recordings from prominent honors, and video from more recent events were incorporated into the program and displayed at the general reception. Click here for more about the 75th Anniversary.

Ashok Sani All-Star Dad

Brent Johnson was honored as the 2019 "All-Star" Dad.

"Hello, my name is Jack and I am 9 years old. My Grammy Deb is writing this for me as I am unable to see, speak, walk or do any of the things that 'normal' kids do, but I want the world to know that I have an 'All Star' Dad." Click here to visit the All-Star Dad website and read the winning essay.

2019 Charity Partners

The Father's Day/Mother's Day Council, Inc. supports these national charities: Save the Children's U. S. Programs and Advocacy and the American Lung Association.

American Lung Association