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National Father's Day / Mother's Day Council Events

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May 6, 2021"Outstanding Mother" Awards Virtual Evening Gala
May 9, 2021Mother's Day
June 17, 2021"Father of the Year" Awards Virtual Evening Gala
June 20, 2021Father's Day

Fathers Honored Nationally

The Father's Day/Mother's Day Council hosts "Father of the Year" Award events in various cities across the United States. This program had its humble beginning in 1999, with the formation of volunteer regional Father's Day Councils.

Each year, regional Father's Day Councils recognize numerous fathers, from within their community, for the outstanding strength, commitment and love they exhibit as fathers with their families. These Fathers, while not only attaining success in their chosen field of endeavor, have carved out time to teach and mature their children, while maintaining a balance as good citizens and proud members of their community.

We encourage everyone to attend and support a Father of the Year Award event in a city near you.